BIB pickup - delegation

From MON 26.09.2022, every participant will receive a “CONFIRMATION LETTER” to be kept on mobile device, letter to be provided at UTLM VILLAGE to collect BIB Numbers; no BIB replacement is available in case of loss.

BIB number is necessary to benefit services dedicated to participants; participants has to indicate, on BIB backside, a name and mobile number to contact in case of emergency and save on mobile phone the OC emergency number indicated on BIB front side. BIB are strictly personal with no possibility to transfer it to a third person. It is responsibility of each participant to visibly endorse their BIB on frontal body part and it is forbidden to modify it. Anyone running without or modified BIB number will be disqualified and persecuted by sport and law authorities.


UTLM VILLAGE - c/o Centro Eventi “Il Maggiore” Verbania (VB                                       

FRI           30.09       10.00 am - 08.00 pm
SAB          01.10       04:00 am - 02.45 pm


Only on FRI 30.09.2022 it will be possible to delegate a third person to pick-up BIB numbers; the appointed person must provide:

  • Confirmation Letter printed/undersigned in original by delegating person + Delegation (attached to Confirmation Letter)
  • ID copy (Passport or ID) of delegating person.