Refreshments - Time limit

To reduce environment impact at refreshments points will not be available plastic glasses or plates, every participants must carry a portable glass/plate or similar recipient; the OC provides only liquids to fill up glasses, water bottles or hydration packs. There will be two kinds of products available at refreshment points:

Drinks: still/carbonated water, hot tea, isotonic drinks, Coca Cola and hot soup.
Food: fresh fruit (watermelon, bananas, oranges, apples), dry fruits, biscuits, chocolate, salted snacks, cheese, salami and bread.
To see the exact position of refreshments points refer to “Road Book”

Participants transiting timing barriers after maximum time limit will be officially out the race and not anymore under the OC responsibility.

Timing barriers, visible on races “ROAD BOOK” available at, are calculated to monitor participant’s position due to safety reasons and are calculated considering necessary time to finish the race within maximum time allowed.

18K          MAX         04:30h

To see the exact position of refreshments points refer to “Road Book”.